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Piagia Pizza Ovens - Delicious Pizza Made From Your Home


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Biaggia pizza oven is professionally designed to fit the worktop in your home kitchen or office.

You can now experience experienced baked pizza in your own kitchen.

  • Biaggia Model 502 pizza oven comes from polished stainless steel for outer casing and in front of food rack.
  • Both were rated on a scale of 22 brushed 430 stainless steel. The inner structure and inner case parts are made of aluminum coated steel for corrosion protection.
  • Its physical dimensions are 19 inches deep 16 1/2 inches (excluding the handle) with a length of 7 5/8 inches and a wire length of 45 inches and weighing about 19 pounds.

Double heating elements on top and bottom allow you to bake perfectly frozen pizza in about 15 minutes or less, without having to preheat. The front panel has the ease of adjusting the automatic closing timer for 15 minutes. A small removable crumb tray has been installed for easy cleaning.

Plastic grill handle and crumb tray handle ensure safe handling. After use, the oven is supposed to be kept on the kitchen counter.

The oven cooks at a pre-prepared temperature of 450 ° C and this cannot be adjusted. Working with a 15-minute call time.

The baking grill is completely removable for easy foot transfer and cleaning. You can use a baking tray that fits the oven if you want to prevent leaving a mess or stains in the baking compartment. It works on 1450 watts of electricity and has circular heating elements of wire for faster cooking.

  1. The oven was approved by the National Sanitation Corporation (NSF) and has a commercial UL rating under its belt.
  2. This oven is also suitable for baking other non-fatty snacks including quisadilla, pastry, egg rolls, chicken fingers and fish sticks to name a few.
  3. Even with a home-made paste, pizza bread yields much better results than a traditional oven.

Baking quality is very close to commercial pizza. Regardless of pizza bread, the oven is also good for conventional heating, bread, roasting or roasting non-fatty foods that can fit its compartment.

Please note that this pizza oven is not intended for baking high dough crust pizza or any greasy food.

When compared to traditional kitchen ovens, this pizza oven cooks pizza faster. You'll find that most pizzas cook from about 8 to 9 minutes.

  1. If you preheat the oven, the baking time after putting the pizza inside will be shorter.
  2. If done correctly, your pizza will come out cooked evenly and completely reddened from the oven.
  3. This oven is recommended for those who bake frozen pizza or other foods frequently.

The actual consumer revealed that the two heating elements are not equal in size and the bottom file can be found smaller than the top.

If you are going to bake in this order, the pizza layer may burn before the crust matures.

  • Although not recommended, this owner opened the oven (warranty can be invalidated!) Convert the larger heating element to the bottom and place the smaller heating coil on top.
  •  It was later reported that the oven can now cook homemade dough like pizza ovens in restaurants.

With Biaggia Professional Pizzeria pizzeria and snack oven, it won't be practical to order or deliver pizza when you can make a better pizza in your own kitchen. This fully specialized commercial pizza oven can bake a full size pizza similar to those you order from restaurants or phone delivery.

Apart from making salivary pizza, you can also bake or cook anything that fits Chinese. With Biaggia Pizza and Snack Oven, you can now hold the best pizza parties in the city.

The luxury version features adjustable temperature control between 150 ° C and 450 ° C and has a 30 minute automatic timer and a removable non-stick crumb tray.